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Gerry McKenna passes

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of Gerry Mckenna. A great musician and a lovely man who we will all remember as a dear friend.


Live Performance 2007 available for download!

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added by: Uwe
on: 2007051107
Live Radio Performance at "Bound for Glory" Folk Show available for download

Hi folks,
Dave agreed to make a recording of their recent performance at the "Bound for Glory" Radio Show in Ithaca, NY available for download.

The 90 minute show can be downloaded in various formats at


Thanks to the Crew at BFG for providing the recording and to my employer NIONEX for hosting the download site.

added by: Uwe
on: 2007041714
New Compilation Album released!

Dave writes in to tell us that the band has released a new album, featuring six tracks each from older C/D's which are no longer available. These are all original recordings. The track list is as follows:

1/ The Massacre of Glencoe
2/ Ballad 0f St Anne's Reel.
3/ Road And Miles Tae Dundee
4/ Willie's Gang Tae Melville Castle
5/ Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves
6/ If Wishes Were Fishes
7/ Lock The Door Lariston
8/ The Gypsy Rover
9/ Freedom Come-All-Ye
10/ The Dawning Of The Day
11/ Hush Hush
12/ Flowers O' Edinburgh, Andy Renwick's Ferret
13/ The John McLean March
14/ Bright Blue Rose
15/ New York Girls
16/ Generation Of Change
17/ Ye Jacobites By Name
18/ Will Ye No Come Back Again

The CD is called "Glencoe Massacre" and can be purchased online from HMV digital (just follow the link on the homepage).

The band is also spending a lot of time in the studio at the moment, finishing their new album which is supposed to hit the shelves some time in August.

added by: dave
on: 2007020712
Dave's Diary

Hello again,
At the start of a new year one should always be optimistic.
Unfortunately the passing of Cameron Gaskell, ex band member and a dear friend has marred the start of this year. Like all of us Cammie was a real mixed bag. He had a great love for Scottish music, which shone through in his fiddle playing. He also liked to laugh, debate, and then laugh again. He enjoyed a pint “or three”, had an interest in football if you can call Aberdeen FC football !!.
I really got to know Cammie best on our long walks, which we found ourselves sharing during breaks in our tour schedules in Germany and America. It was here I learned more about the man rather than the performer. Or maybe through Cammie I learned more about myself,
Like life, good conversations have starts and ends, but it’s what is said and done during them that leaves a mark. They were very enjoyable, great fun, sometimes ludicrous but they are something I will remember fondly for the rest of my short stay among the mortals.
So on the 1st of February along with a very large crowd of fellow musicians, friends, and Cameron’s family I found myself saying farewell to the man at the Morton Hall Crematorium service. There was laughter, good music, played live and from recordings. There was many a tear being shed in grief at the loss of Cammie but also in gratitude for the delight and privilege of knowing him.

We will all miss the fiddling Hobbit.

Farewell Cammie.

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