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Gerry McKenna passes

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of Gerry Mckenna. A great musician and a lovely man who we will all remember as a dear friend.


Live Performance 2007 available for download!

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added by: dave
on: 2011071713
Dave's Diary

Hello again,
Well we have just released a new album.
The title of the album is “ Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go”. I think we have a very good selection of songs for everyone to enjoy . We have rerecorded “The Haughs Of Cromdale” and “ Yellow On The Broom” due to popular demand together with another 15 songs (all together that's 17 tracks) so good value for money !
There are no guest artists on this C/D , only the three band members are playing on it. We did this deliberately to reproduce the live show. You can listen to snippets of the tracks here on the web site (click on Music) and of course you can always come along and hear the band perform them live at the venues given on the (Tour ) page.

added by: hoover
on: 2011071612
New Album Available: Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go

We're pleased to announce the band's latest album: "Tak a Dram Afore Ye Go". Check out the "Music" section for the track list and downloadable samples.



added by: dave
on: 2011061813
Dave's Diary

Well, that was a tour that was!!
First of all I would like to thank all the people who gave us their hospitality. Without people like them life on the road would be unbearable SO A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM ALL.
I would like to say a special thanks to Deborah in South Haven. Linda (our USA agent) was not well when we set off on the last leg of the tour which was a ten day marathon taking in New Jersey , Ohio , Michigan and Virginia. By the time we reached Michigan Linda was on her last legs. Thanks to the afore mentioned Deborah she was promptly taken to hospital and spent 3 days under medical care while we carried on touring without her. We then picked her up from hospital and travelled to Virginia to finish the tour. So Linda missed lots of the shows which is probably why she recovered. :-)
We had a great time and lots of fun with the audiences and the people we met.
We recorded a 30 minute television show in New Jersey “Horses sing none of it” It's a well established TV show which has been running for around 30 years with Ralph Litwin as it's host. Hopefully we will soon have this up and running on the web page or at least part of it.
Well it was a great tour but I'm glad it's over and I'm glad to be back home for a little while anyway.
All the best

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