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Gerry McKenna passes

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of Gerry Mckenna. A great musician and a lovely man who we will all remember as a dear friend.


Live Performance 2007 available for download!

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added by: Uwe
on: 2012032205
Band History & recent reviews added

we're happy to announce the availability of a document shedding some light on the band's colourful 30 year+ history by the man himself (with a little help from his friends ;-): Dave Gilfillan.

Check the site's "info" section for more info.

Also, some reviews from North Sea Gas' recent gigs in 2012 have also been posted on the site.

added by: Linda
on: 2011121217
Photos from U.S./Canada Fall Tour 2011

Hello Everyone,

I just finished putting up some pictures from the U.S./Canada 2011 Fall Tour. Have fun!


added by: dave
on: 2011120814
Dave's Diary

The last part of this year 2011
Well it went in very fast, that's for sure. America was a great tour. We had lots of fun and met many interesting people and we played in lots of places. I think my favourite day was at the renaissance festival in Maryland, great fun and I was blown away with the girl act “The Danny Girls” Awesome. If you get a chance to see them take it.
Hopefully we will return to the festival next year as promised. There were just too many highlights to mention but I would like to thank all the people who came along and supported us. It's great to see so many people come back to see us year after year. To all the people throughout America who help us by organizing shows, food, beer and beds, I would like to say a very very warm thank you to one and all. “Ye All Hear Now”
Well America was quickly followed by Germany !! I have been travelling and playing in Germany for over 25 years and I will never tire of these trips. I have made so many good friends over the years. I feel at home there, considering the time span I suppose that's only natural.
The tour was wonderful with a fantastic audience response to our show. I know we never sang every song that was requested , we can't there are not enough hours in the day to sing them all, but I have taken notes and some of the most requested songs will find a place in the shows in the near future. If you have any favourites you wish to hear let me know.
Well back from Germany and 48 hours later Istanbul !! What a fantastic city it is. Great people, great craic and good beer. My kind of place :-)

See you all soon

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