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Gerry McKenna passes

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of Gerry Mckenna. A great musician and a lovely man who we will all remember as a dear friend.


Live Performance 2007 available for download!

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added by: dave
on: 2002071714
Tims "Request" and other news

Tim's Request

We were playing the Bathgate Theatre, all was going well the audience were clapping and singing along, requests were being handed to the band on beer mats and scraps of paper. Tim was feeling a little left out of it as most of the requests were being handed to Gerry, Mac and myself. Then after about 45 minutes a very attractive lady approached the stage and insisted on handing Tim a beer mat, Tim was delighted, until he read the message: "YOUR ZIPS DOWN".

He now keeps the beer mat as souvenir.

Ask to see it when you met him.

Faskally 29th June.
Good night was had by all. The audience made it easy for us by singing and clapping along. Special mention to our German friends (or should I say band Photographers) As I believe they where under instructions from Uwe to take some photos for the Web site. It was great to see you and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holidays.

Thanks to all at the Broadstraik Inn Westhill Aberdeen (6th July) for a great night. We had lots of fun. It was great to see Debbi & Val (friends from Nairn) who had travelled all the way to see us. Debbie took some great Photos of the band which I will pass on to Uwe our Web Master. Maybe a picture gallery would be a good idea.

All the best for now


added by: Uwe (webmaster)
on: 2002052613
Q&A with Dave Gilfillan

Dave was kind enough to participate in an "email interview" last week. Find out more about the new lineup, the forthcoming album and Dave winning the lottery below!

--- How's the new lineup going? With two new musicians in the band, how long did it take NSG to get "back to speed"?

Dave: The new line up is working really well. The lads have settled in quickly and are enjoying themselves. Like all things it takes time but Ronnie and Tim have put in a huge amount of work and the turnover has been incredibly fast.

We are, and always will be, working hard on new material as well as reviving some of the older songs associated with North Sea Gas.

--- With a genuine "Paddy" in the band, is the band's portfolio leaning more to the Irish Side of the show?

Dave: Tim has added another dimension to the band, but the balance will always be 90% Scottish and 10% Irish.

--- Are there any plans for a new Cd, now that "spirit of scotland" is nearly three years into release? How about a new live recording?

Dave: The band is at this very moment working on new ideas for our forthcoming album (yet to be named). We will be in the studio during June/July/Aug. As far as a live album is concerned it's something we should do again, and probably will.

--- NSG has a long-standing reputation for touring all the places and making friends in the whole wide world. Will we see international appearances again, like Australia, Canada or the USA that the fans have been demanding?

Dave: Well we will be in Germany and Austria in November 2002 and Canada February/March 2003 so thats not a bad start for the new line up.
"We are always open to offers" Our intention is to get out and about again on a more regular basis. So hopefully we will see all GAS fans sometime in the near future.

--- with the "Hearts" faring near the bottom of the league, what are your plans regarding taking over as head coach?
Dave: A dream of mine has always been to win the lottery and buy the "Hearts" But the way things are going, I may not need to win the lottery. A few more seasons like the last one and they will be going for a song ("I know one or two of them"). :-)

Many thanks to Dave for taking the time and answering the questions!

added by: Uwe (NSG webmaster)
on: 2002051702
New samples uploaded

Various new samples, mostly from North Sea Gas' earlier albums such as "Keltic Heritage" and "Power of Scotland" have been added to the music section. These vary in length from 60 seconds to a full two minutes. Enjoy springtime with a blast of NSG's live performance of "Yellow on the Broom", whereever you are and if happens to be springtime in your part of the woods!



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