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Gerry McKenna passes

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of Gerry Mckenna. A great musician and a lovely man who we will all remember as a dear friend.


Live Performance 2007 available for download!

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added by: dave
on: 2017042620
Dave's Diary

Hello again. Just getting ready for another trip to Germany and looking forward to seeing all our friends. We are still travelling and playing as much as ever. It never seems to stop. I can't complain too much since I organise it and we are delighted so many people want to hear our shows. This year will see us in Germany for 3 tours and we will be in America for six weeks during September and October, add to that our English tour (February) and our constant travelling around Scotland doing shows It's going to be busy as usual !
It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened.
We have been awarded Silver and Gold discs from the Scottish Music Industry Association (we have quite a collection now and are very proud of this). We have been in the recording studios again and are putting the finishing touches to our latest album which should be ready in July for our summer tour of Germany.
Hope you like what we have done. There are 15 tracks and it sounds good to me but I'm biased !
So to one and all, if we are in your area please come along to our show-enjoy and sing along.
Hopefully see you soon . Dave.

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on: 2017011311
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added by: dave
on: 2016081711
Dave's Diary

Hello everyone !!
Just returned from our annual German Summer tour and would like to thank everyone involved
for a great time . We had fantastic turnouts for our shows and enjoyed playing our music for one and all. Well as I said we are back in Edinburgh now so it's the fringe show on Saturday at the Acoustic Music Centre . St Brides 8pm . Looking forward to a great night.
We have as usual been very busy and our album sales have been doing really well , so look out for an update on some more awards coming our way !! :-)
Heading to America soon for a six week tour starting in early September. Travelling the roads ,singing songs , drinking beer what a hard life we have but someone’s got to do it ? and if we are the ones then we are saving some other poor souls all the bother !!
See you soon playmates . Dave.

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