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Hearth and Homeland
When We Go Rolling Home
Fire in the Glen
The Fire and the Passion of Scotland
Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go
Edinburgh Toon
Glencoe Massacre
Dark Island
Spirit of Scotland
The Power of Scotland
Scottish Destiny
Keltic Heritage
Caledonian Connection
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Live Performance 2007 available for download!

Welcome to the music section! Various one-minute samples in MP3 format are currently available, and they will give you an impression of the wide variety and richness of NSG's portfolio.

Feel free to contact us if you have problems listening to these samples. Should your browser only show a strange bunch of characters shift-click on the link to save the sample to your local hard disk, and then use an MP3-capable music player to listen to it.

Note to webmasters: If you use these samples on your pages, please make sure to include a link to the official website at https://www.northseagas.co.uk/ and keep the ID3 comment tag intact. Thanks!

Click here to download a random sample or choose the sample you would like to listen to from the album listings below.

May 2007: A live recording (about 90 minutes long) is now available from NSG's recent America tour. Click here to download the segments or the complete archive.

The following albums are available for convenient purchase & download online at iTunes, Rhapsody and amazon.com:
  • Hearth and Homeland
  • When We Go Rolling Home
  • Fire in the Glen
  • The Fire and the Passion of Scotland
  • Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go
  • Edinburgh Toon
  • Rosslyn
  • Caledonian Connection
  • Live from Edinburgh
  • From Fields Afar
  • Spirit Of The Banished
  • Those So Dearly Held
  • Schiehallion
  • Keltic Heritage
  • Power of Scotland
  • Scottish Destiny
  • Spirit of Scotland

Currently available CDs

Hearth and Homeland

Track List

  1. Wha wadna fecht for Charlie
  2. The jolly Beggarman
  3. The Water is wide
  4. Set of Tunes: Cramond Island / The Big Canoe / The_Cowshed
  5. The_Fields o'Rosslyn
  6. Ye Banks and Braes
  7. Coming Home
  8. Rough Justice
  9. The Rigs o'Rye
  10. Mission Hall
  11. Blow ye Winds in the Morning
  12. O'er the Water tae Charlie

When We Go Rolling Home

Track List

  1. The Queen of All Argyll
  2. It Was a' for Our Rightfu' king
  3. Roll the Old Chariot
  4. Set of Tunes
  5. When We Go Rolling Home
  6. There's a Long Long Trail a-Winding
  7. The World Turned Upside Down
  8. Take Me out Drinking Tonight
  9. Haul Away
  10. Are You Sleeping Maggie
  11. No Ash Will Burn
  12. Trooper and the Maid
  13. Tartan Plaidie
  14. Tae the Beggin
  15. Only Remembered

Fire in the Glen

Out now, available from Scotdisk (info@scotdisk.co.uk) and Amazon

Track List

  1. Awa_Whigs_Awa
  2. Fire in the Glen
  3. Maggie Gangs Away
  4. Over the Hills and Far Away
  5. Dream Angus
  6. Set of Tunes: Montgomery Ball Waltz / The High Drive
  7. Some Hae Meat
  8. Burghead Sands
  9. Colliers Eight Hour Day
  10. Heave Ya Ho
  11. Back on the Road
  12. Bonnie Lass O' Gala Water
  13. Ain't it a Beauty
  14. Johnnie Cope
  15. Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Go
  16. Coorie Doon
The Fire and the Passion of Scotland

Latest Album from 2013

Track List

  1. Aye no no
  2. Back o 'Bennachie
  3. Calling doon the line
  4. set of tunes: Franks Reel / Hulls Reel / the Road to Errogi
  5. Tide Full In
  6. I'm having a bit tonight
  7. Maggie Lauder
  8. Song for the Mira
  9. Standard on the Braes O' Mar
  10. Windmills
  11. White Cockade
  12. Fear a Bhata
  13. The Battle o Harlaw
  14. Wonderful Thing
Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go

Latest Album from 2011

Track List

  1. Sound the Pibroch
  2. Road To Drumleman
  3. Set Of Tunes
  4. Willie Taylor
  5. The Yellow on the Broom
  6. Ca the Yowes
  7. Thirty Foot Trailer
  8. Yellow Girls
  9. Sleepytoun
  10. The Reiver's Galley
  11. When The Kye Come Hame
  12. I Just don't look Good Naked Anymore
  13. Mormond Braes
  14. Heart Like A Wheel
  15. Atholl Gathering
  16. Haughs O Cromdale
  17. Tak A Dram Afore Ye Go
Edinburgh Toon

Live recording from Edinburgh's famous venue "The Lot" at the Grassmarket (2009)

Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. Edinburgh Toon
  3. Broom O' The Cowdenknowes
  4. Set of Tunes
  5. I Wish they'd do it now
  6. Nancy Whisky
  7. Doonie Burn
  8. Slip Jigs and Reels
  9. Star O' the Bar
  10. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
  11. It's Braw Sailing on the Sea
  12. Drinking with Rosie
  13. Goodbye to the Sea
  14. Dat Du Min Leevsten Bust
  15. McPherson's Rant
  16. All of the hard Days are gone
Glencoe Massacre

This is a compilation of recordings from previous albums which are partly no longer available on CD.

Track List

  1. Massacre of Glencoe
  2. Ballad of St. Annes Reel / St. Annes Reel
  3. Road and the Miles tae Dundee
  4. Willies gone tae Melville Castle
  5. Hawks and Eagles
  6. if Wishes were Fishes
  7. Lock the Door Lariston
  8. The Gypsie Rover
  9. Freedom come all Ye
  10. Dawning of the Day
  11. Hush Hush Inisheer
  12. Flowers of Edinburgh / Andy Renwicks Ferret
  13. John McLean March
  14. Bright blue Rose
  15. New York Girls
  16. Generation of Change
  17. Ye Jacobites by Name
  18. Will ye no come back again

The "Rosslyn" cd features a great mix of traditional and contemporary tunes.

Track List
  1. Rosslyn
  2. Congress Tunes Set (Wee Michael's March, NSG Reel, The Congress Reel)
  3. Barnyards O' Delgaty
  4. Follow the Heron
  5. One Of Those Days
  6. Birnie Boozle
  7. Classy Lassie
  8. Jamie Raeburn
  9. Aberdeen Tunes Set (Irene Meldrums, Asleep At the wheel, Break Yer Bass Drone)
  10. Torn Screen Door
  11. Killiecrankie
  12. I Will Go
  13. Tramps and Hawkers
  14. Too Far From She
  15. Bonnie Lass O' Fyfie

Released August 2007


Released in 2005

  1. Lochanside
  2. Freeborn Man of the Travelling People
  3. Hector the Hero
  4. The Gallowa Hills
  5. I'm looking for a Job
  6. Tunes (Jig O Slurs / Stan Chapman's / McArthur's Road)
  7. A Little Bit More
  8. Raglan Road
  9. Twa Recruiting Sergeants
  10. Joseph Baker
  11. Waltzing's for Dreamers
  12. The Overgate
  13. Paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde
  14. Shift and Spin
  15. Tunes (Lady Louisa Gordon / Trip to Ballyshannon / Old Time Wedding Reel / Calum Findlay)
  16. Sae Will We Yet

Dark Island

NSG are back with a vengeance and out to prove it with a brand new album containing some re-recordings and may new tracks.

  1. All God's Creatures
  2. Dark Island
  3. Kishorn Commandos
  4. Sonny's Dream
  5. Harry Brewer
  6. Bonnie Bessie Logan
  7. Flower O' Scotland
  8. Our Town
  9. Caledonia
  10. Cairn O' Mount
  11. Roses O' Prince Charlie
  12. Set of Tunes (Reels)
  13. Loch Lomond
  14. Auld Lang Syne

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OUT OF PRINT Albums (no longer available on CD, may become available for digital download soon)

Spirit of Scotland (not available at this time)

Spirit of Scotland was released in 2000. You'll find:

  1. New York Girls & Snurren Polka
  2. Farewell Tae the Haven
  3. A Man's a Man
  4. Blossom Set (Tunes)
  5. Road and the Miles tae Dundee
  6. Lock the Door Lariston
  7. Reconciliation
  8. John MacLean March
  9. Daughters and Your Sons
  10. Craigie Dhu (Tune)
  11. Scots Wha Hae
  12. Trooper and the Maid
  13. Generation of Change
  14. Jeanie & Davie McCall
  15. Hush Hush & Inisheer

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Schiehallion (digital download)

Songs from their album named "Schiehallion": A very well balanced mixture, it contains ballads, rousing folk music and stuff from the more recent times of Scottish Music. You'll find here:

  1. Mally Leigh
  2. Coshieville
  3. Gypsy Laddie O's
  4. Come Ye By Atholl
  5. Dark Island
  6. Schiehallion
  7. Lads Among The Heather
  8. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
  9. The Haughs of Cromdale
  10. Westering Home
  11. Shoals Of Herring
  12. Troy's Wedding Medley
  13. I'm A Rover
  14. Loch Tay Boat Song
  15. The Uist Tramping Song
  16. Bound To Go

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The Power of Scotland
  1. Sound the Pibroch
  2. Carrickfergus
  3. The Mason's Apron
  4. Hieland Laddie
  5. Black Jack Davey
  6. Spanish Lady / Blackthorn Stick
  7. The Final Trawl
  8. The Lord of the Dance
  9. Hieland Laddie
  10. Whisky on a Sunday
  11. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie / the Kesh Jig
  12. The Rolling Hills of the Borders
  13. The Mingulay Boat Song
  14. Leezie Lindsay
  15. I wish I was hunting
  16. I'll tell me Ma / Green Gates / The Barren Rocks of Aden

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Scottish Destiny (not available at this time)

  1. Freedom come all ye
  2. Air Fa La La Lo
  3. Follow me up to Carlow
  4. Massacre of Glencoe
  5. Willie's gang to Melville Castle
  6. Bonnie Dundee
  7. Leaving of Liverpool
  8. Bright blue rose
  9. Dawning of the Day
  10. Ye Jacobites by Name
  11. Caledonia (old version)
  12. Jig O' Slurs Atholl Highlanders Caliope House
  13. Wind in the Willows
  14. Kishorn Commandos
  15. Maries Wedding
  16. Molly Malone

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Keltic Heritage (digital download only)
  1. Ballad of St. Annes Reel
  2. if wishes were fishes
  3. the battle's over
  4. the gypsy rover
  5. liberty
  6. broadford bay
  7. hawks and eagles
  8. whip jamboree
  9. sweet eleanor
  10. dirty old town
  11. wark o'the weavers
  12. the flowers o'edinburgh / andy renwicks ferret
  13. rolling home
  14. will ye not come back again
Caledonian Connection

An album featuring NSG the way nature intended to: live!

  1. Killicrankie
  2. Yellow on the Broom
  3. Fields of Athon Rye
  4. Ringsend Rose
  5. Montrose
  6. The Alamo
  7. The Irish Rover
  8. Lads O the Fair
  9. Steal Away
  10. Kirk Douglas Ghoullie
  11. Loch Lomond
  12. Black Velvet Band
  13. The Wild Rover
  14. Flower of Scotland

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Ordering Information

"North Sea Gas" albums are available for purchase or download at www.amazon.com, iTunes, and other on-line retailers. NSG can also be heard on Rhapsody and Spotify.

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