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Linda Pratt
Hanover, MA, USA
2019-09-09, 00:04:51
Enjoyed your concert today in Hanover- you make me want to return to Edinburgh. Love your music 🎶. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you
2019-08-12, 15:04:40
Thanks for beeing to Weingut Mantel again. Couldn't see you the last 2 years and ever since we were worried you won't come back. Such a nice evening and such a great band! Really missed that jokes and music =)
2019-07-30, 21:43:21
Friend of Ronnie, grew up in port seton.
Will be in NY in December, pity I'll miss it!
Steve Gilbert
2019-06-28, 11:00:51
Despite being just 25 miles from ending up a Cockney, and having Anglo-Irish blood, my best mate Rob from Paisley introduced me to Scottish folk many years ago via a local Highlands band called the Sound of Sanna?

Since then I never stopped listening to the likes of Kilhoan once more, Tak a dram, If wishes were fishes...

North Sea Gas please come down to Hertfordshire one day, I am playing Hector the Hero at full blast as I write, you boys are amazing...Steve
2019-05-27, 16:04:12
Fantastic, gutsy rendering of The Wark o' the Weavers.
2019-05-04, 11:20:42
I was last night in the Görlitzer "Kings Pub". It has been my favourite pub for 15 years and I still love to go there. Your gig yesterday was wonderful! I visited the Isle of Skye last year - a deep connection! Why always... This year I am taking my family to Edinburgh and we will visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct! Joy! Thank you for a wonderful evening! When there are Scots in the room, the air is better to breathe. Dearest greetings Rebekka
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